How to create emails that will be read

Email communication is important key for an organization as it will be used to promote your business products and services. Let’s understand how you can make sure emails get read and what steps needs to be followed:

Avoid using spam triggers:

Use descriptive compelling subject lines and mention the benefits of this email in the subject line. Don’t use spam triggers like free or exclamation points as the ISP’s are on high alert to prevent this issue. Therefore, emails should be tested before sending.

Never mislead with your subject line:

Don’t trick your users with a subject line which doesn’t suit your email content as it damages your users trust over your brand and also violates anti-spam laws. 

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Email Content:

Email content should be interesting and relevant to the recipient. Keep your content short, clear and go straight to the point instead of wavering. Do some research and find out what suits your recipient and try to send more relevant content.


Reaching out to your users when they are not busy there is a better chance of being read. Try to avoid sending emails in heavy traffic times. You need to send your emails when users are most likely to read. If you are not getting return response from them try sending the emails in different time.

Be clear in your requests:

Don’t be ambiguous in your emails. You need to be as specific as possible to quickly get your recipients attention and to have that attention, your recipient should understand the intent of your email in first glance, they are more likely respond to your email. If the content is not clear they are not likely to read or reply.

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