Office 365 email signature

With more and more businesses now moving to Exchange online, Office 365 email signatures become very important for professional branding needs of your organization. However, the native Office 365 email signature management leaves a lot to be desired and this is where the need to look for other alternatives arise.

Why Office 365 email signature?

Before we move further, let’s have a look at some of the advantages that having an email signature can provide:

Increase brand awareness: Every email sent out of your organization becomes an ambassador for your brand. This means more people are able to recognize and identify your brand.

Increases trust: Having a personalized signature increases brand credibility which in turn results in more trust in your brand name. This will pave way for rich dividends in the long term.

Event promotion: Want to promote an event for your organization? What better way to do it than using email signatures to create buzz around the event and make it a success.

Lead generation: An email signature is the perfect place for some lead generation strategies. For example, you could have ‘Request a free quote’ link in your signature which is sure to pull in some interest. Once you have leads, it is not that hard to convert them into customers.

Social media following: Well, what better place to point others to your facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram pages or youtube channel than email signatures. This helps boost your social media shares, also your prospective customers or leads will know exactly where to find you on the web without any hassle.

More traffic to your websites: Drive more organic traffic to your website or business page or personal portfolio page by linking them in email signatures.

Limitations of native Office 365 email signature management

Now that we have established why it is good idea to brand every message that you sent, it is time we understand some of the pitfalls of native Office 365 signature management:

  1. Lacks intuitive centralized management
  2. Very few personalization options
  3. Not possible to embed images in signature
  4. Inconsistent signatures with white spaces for empty fields
  5. No GUI for to compose signature, have to do it in pure HTML

Sigsync Office 365 email signature

The best solution to all the above mentioned hiccups is to use a consistent and highly secure web based solution from Sigsync for your Office 365 email signature needs. Sigsync offers several advantages over the native Office 365 signature management system such as :

  1. Centralized Dashboard to manage all your user signatures
  2. Easy to setup with automatic Office 365 connector and transport rule configuration
  3. Choose from variety of professional templates and customize your signature
  4. Works across all different platforms and devices including smartphones
  5. Directly embed images and banners to your signatures
  6. Consistent HTML email signatures across all your devices
  7. Secure email signatures with industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) and no data is left on the server whatsoever as everything is handled on fly.

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