Why Subject line in email is important?

The key success of email marketing is engaging the users with the quality content. Here, the aim is to get high open rates and click rate. You need to concentrate more on subject line as this is the first section user looks into. If the subject is not capturing their attention its quite evident that they move on to the next message of their inboxes, even if it contains the valuable information which is useful for their business.  

The subject line of your email will be even more effective when you consider a short and one-line description for your email. For an instance, let’s consider that on an average, an employee receives fifty emails per day and most of them are not read because of their subject line.

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Keep it brief:

Recipient attention needs to be quickly grabbed with your short and effective subject lines. It is found that the emails which has the subject line with less than 50 characters results in high open and click through rates than emails which will have longer subject lines. Your subject line should summarize the entire email in few words.

Build trust:

Building the trust with your audience is the one of the important things for any brand. The information in your email should be genuine with the subject line which you have defined being relevant to content. Also, it should be credible to your users with no spelling mistakes and avoid grammatical mistakes.

Grab their interest:

Subject lines should be interesting. Never use over used words, instead try to grab user’s attention by using incentivized words which motivates the users to open email.

Promise of value:

Describe your subject line in such a way that it should ensure the recipient that the contents of this email improve their business or brand.

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Never mislead:

Your subject line should precisely summarize the body of your email and never make a false promise which may give negative effect as the recipient may unsubscribe or can also report. Try to keep your subject line as specific as possible which gives recipient clear idea about what he is going to read.

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