5 ways educational institutions can make the most of email signatures

When the world stepped into an era of a global pandemic which is lasting for months, most of the activities in educational institutions now take place online. Students are reaching out to digital devices while schools and colleges are trying their best to make the digital transaction as smooth as possible for their pupils. With events ranging from meetings to strict vigilance of assignments by the teachers in the virtual classroom, students have almost forgotten the time they spent in their former concrete blocks. By making a transition to the digital world, comes the challenge of monitoring each and every student and their respective activities. Thanks to e-mail signatures and banner campaigns, universities and educational set-ups can make the most of them. In this article, we will let you know-how.

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How e-mail signature can be used to achieve educational goals

  • Standing out of the crowd. Institutions can use signatures to organize campaigns, promote corporate events, social activities through banners embedded in the mail. Updated syllabus comes with a brand new content. Students can be made aware of the updated modules, exam registration deadlines and making them aware of the plethora of skill building courses to which they can enrol.
  • Using one-click surveys to get on the fly student feedback. Gone are the days when student used to be a passive learner, just listening to the lectures given by the professor. These days universities can make use of one-click surveys to get student feedback over a lecture session. After all, the professor can make the talk interesting and improvise his content only when he gets enough feedback from his students. One-click surveys can be created without any hassles using Sigsync Office 365 e-mail signature.
    student feedback
  • Involve parents along with their wards. Parents of the new-joinees to a school or a college have to be oriented initially on the different facilities an institution has to offer. Sounds tough? Not so. By using an e-mail signature, a banner campaign can be added to make parents download an app for monitoring their ward’s progress or wishing them a warm welcome. No need to explicitly inviting each one of them to a face-face conversation.
  • Use analytics to track student’s activity. Analytics is a great way to monitor student’s actions, student count, pages they visit. It is also a great way to keep track of what books students would love to read in the library. Having difficulties in incorporating analytics in your e-mail signature? Not anymore. Sigync’s analytics in e-mail signature gives peace of mind to manage everything without a hitch.
  • Social media icons serve as a great way to keep students in the loop. We are in an age when just the click of a button and snap of a photo can trace the history of an entire person. Social media tools have become such a gold mine of information, that people become paranoid when they don’t have access to it. An institution can include social media icons in an e-mail signature which gives students the opportunity to connect and follow various activities, research programs, extra-curricular activities, or the latest language courses.
    student using social media

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Conclusion: Use e-mail signatures wisely to make the most out of the service for your business. Engage the crowd, establish contact with them and market your activities.

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