5 ways HR manager can make use of email signatures

Business activities all over the world have taken a back-seat with the outbreak of the global pandemic. HR managers in organizations executing work from home can actually convert this bane to a boon. With the click on a button and a working internet connection, online recruitment has never been that easy as before. Back in the days, HR managers had to invite thousands of candidates, interview each one of them, making the whole affair seem as dry as a dust. It is equally difficult for a HR person to find the ideal candidate as it is for the applicant who is on the look out for a perfect career start. The tables have now turned, thanks to the recent technological developments. HR managers can now hand-pick candidates from the talent pool without having to endure those stereotypical and mechanical interviews. This is possible by using cleverly designed email signatures which makes their presence felt in the job market. As the first impression is the best impression, email signatures for HR managers must be crafted with utmost care as they represent the brand of the entire organization. Since they keep an eye out for highly talented and skilled personnel, their email signature also has to be noticed by the the right person. Only when this mutual contact materialises, it is possible to recruit valuable assets to the company. In this article, let’s look at some of the guidelines which a HR manager has to keep in mind while creating an email signature.

Free Office 365 Email Signature

Free Office 365 Email Signature

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  • Face is the index of the mind. Adding a profile image makes the email signature look professional. It instantly connects with your recipient. For example, if applicants see the face of the recruiter, they can make a visual image before appearing for the interview and it aids in breaking the ice well ahead of time. It also reduces unnecessary stress and anxiety for the candidates. A friendly smile with a neutral or a plain background makes it a perfect combo.


  • Use a different template for internal employees. Recruiting and interviewing potential candidates is one part of the agenda. HR managers can make use of a different email signature templates for employees within the organization. It can range from conveying information about new employees on board, the latest webinars helpful knowledge base articles to making aware of company’s code of conduct etc. Employees can also be reminded about important dates and events within the organization. Email signatures can be used to collect employee feedback, satisfaction and general areas of improvement.
  • Disclaimers added in time saves nine. Though the job of HR managers looks coveted, they are under constant scrutiny. Some applicants might not see the company in good light due to past interview experiences with HR managers. On social platforms it can tarnish the image of the organization within seconds. To stay away from unnecessary controversies, adding a simple and relevant disclaimer can save your skin at the right time.
  • Highlight your contact information. Along with a profile photo, include crisp and clear contact details like phone number, email address, your website etc. To let potential candidates reach out to you when conducting online interviews, it is wise to incorporate your Skype ID or a link to Google Meet. Appending social media icons is very much advisable on the condition that it must not be made a mountain out of a molehill. No doubt that you are social media junkie. But are all the platforms relevant to your applicants? Certainly not. A rule-of-thumb is not to overdo it, period.


  • Conspicuous banners and analytics streamline the process. Information overload is rightly called when a human mind is unable to absorb all the details that are thrown at them. Captivating banners simplify the process by directing the recipient to perform a specific ‘call to action’. For example, if you want to host a webinar for prospective applicants, college graduates and their parents for an interactive question and answer session, then suitable banners can bring in the audience at large. The name of your organization is spread by word of mouth without even spending a dime for marketing. Analytics track your sent mails in real-time and guide you to put effort for those emails that have a positive click rate. We have detailed the use of analytics in email signatures in this article.

Creating Office 365 email signatures for HR executives can be overwhelming, considering their tight schedule. If you are looking for a stress-free way to create centralized, company-wide and professionally looking Office 365 email signatures, then you are at the right place.


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